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Houston, Texas, USA October 18, 2014; Notwithstanding the greatest challenge the Nation of Sierra Leone has been facing with the pandemic of the Ebola Virus, Songhai Technologies is pleased to announce the availability of the Sierra Leone App   on Apple’s iTunes App store which was approved and made available for download on iPhone and IPads on Wednesday October 15th 2014.

The Sierra Leone App is a community based multi-dimensional locality App that is here to serve the nation of Sierra Leone at home and its citizens overseas in the Diaspora making available a myriad of resources at the fingertips of every Sierra Leonean and anyone wishing to know more about Sierra Leone.

The App is now available at the Google Play Store the Amazon App store and was recently approved for shipment with the new Amazon Fire Phone and now on the Apple iTunes Store for download.

You can choose to either download the App directly from any of the above mentioned store or you can do so directly from our landing page at SaloneApp.com  by clicking on the Get It Button

The App can also be downloaded onto Blackberry and Windows Phones directly from our landing Page at SaloneApp.com by also clicking on the Get It Button.

The App contains many powerful resources as indicated and for a nation where mobile technology is king it comes in very handy.

In the midst of the ongoing crises in the country Songhai Technologies Inc is working on a several innovations to augment and add several more features within the App that will serve most especially students in the country who are currently deprived from attending schools.

There is currently a Learning Resources Link along with Educational Videos within the App through which students can access some of the most powerful online educational links tailored for every curriculum level ranging from Kindergarten to the Post Graduate level like Khan Academy and Coursera.

Songhai Technologies through a partnership with the ACC also is currently running a reporting tool for the Anti-Corruption Commission through which Sierra Leoneans at home or anywhere in the Diaspora, citizens and non-citizens alike can report incidents of corruption. This comes in handy especially in a time of national emergency like this when the nation is receiving local and overseas assistance in cash and kind which may land in the wrong hands and unfortunately misappropriated.

Stay Tuned with Songhai Technologies as we innovate to continue improving on the Sierra Leone App to keep you connected with Sierra Leone.

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<![CDATA[Songhai Technologies publishes links to educate the public about the ebola virus]]>Sun, 10 Aug 2014 05:44:57 GMThttp://www.songhaitech.com/news/songhai-technologies-publishes-links-to-educate-the-public-about-the-ebola-virusPicture
In an effort to help educate people about the deadly Ebola Virus and arrest the rife rumor mongering that is going on in many communities in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea and recently Nigeria; Countries who have all recently declared a State of Emergency to contain the spread of the disease and also debunk the conspiracy theorist out there who are causing more harm than good to their communities by misleading the less informed, Songhai Technologies has published a series of Links from Medical websites and other media sources with vital educational resources about the Ebola disease in helping to  improve public awareness and aid in the adoption of the best health practices.

There has been significant damage done to the region in international media circles due to sensational media grabbing Headlines which will adversely affect the region for many years to come economically and otherwise, segments like the Tourism industry which has been at best fledgling in most of these countries is all but destroyed now as Sierra Leone and the other Mano River Union states struggle to contain the disease.

Citizens of the country can help arrest the disease and make the country Ebola FREE by helping to contain the disease through education and adopting the best health practices.

Download the Sierra Leone App at www.saloneapp.com  or at the Google Play and Amazon App store and Visit the Health Link within the App to educate yourself about Ebola.

Eradicating the disease and curing those with it is more important than pointing fingers and casting blame;  So #beresponsible, #stayresponsible, #eradicateebola, #stoptheignorance, #kickebolaoutofsalone.

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<![CDATA[Sierra Leone app approved for Shipment with Amazon's New Fire Phone]]>Sat, 26 Jul 2014 14:46:33 GMThttp://www.songhaitech.com/news/sierra-leone-app-approved-for-shipment-with-amazons-new-fire-phonePicture
July 26th Houston, Texas USA:  The Amazon Apps and Services Team in a letter to Songhai Technologies Founder and CEO Mr. Leslie Koroma;  informed  him that the Sierra Leone App had been approved for inclusion and Shipment with  the new Amazon Fire Phone a new product by Amazon which now officially enters the electronics manufacturing business.

An Excerpt from the message from the email sent to Mr. Koroma from the Amazon Team reads

“Congrats! We recently tested your existing Amazon Appstore app(s) and found that it is compatible with Amazon’s newly announced Fire phone. This means that it will be available on Fire when it ships to customers on July 25th….


Approved Apps: Sierra Leone App

Best Regards,

- Amazon Apps and Services Team”

The Fire Phone with a lot of loaded features seen by many to rival Apple’s iPhone and Samsungs Galaxy phones will be selling at local retailers around the world or can be ordered through Amazon.com.

The inclusion for shipment of the Sierra Leone App on the Fire Phone is seen by Mr. Koroma and his team at Songhai Technologies Inc as a major development for the company and its products.

Songhai Technologies which recently partnered with the Sierra Leone Anti-Corruption Commission to help combat corruption is pleased at the pace of progress and the relationships being built with the necessary entities that will help serve its users efficiently.

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<![CDATA[African Media Leaders team up to  launch a Campaign against hate speech]]>Sat, 26 Jul 2014 13:41:51 GMThttp://www.songhaitech.com/news/african-media-leaders-team-up-to-launch-a-campaign-against-hate-speechPicture
Johannesburg, 23 July 2014 - The countdown to the 2014 African Media Leaders’ Forum (AMLF) has begun with the launch in Johannesburg today of a campaign against hate speech. The campaign will be carried out online and on a full range of media platforms, and will be the main theme of the 2014 AMLF, which is scheduled to take place from November 12 - 14 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The theme, ‘Turning the Page on Hate Speech in a Changing Media Environment’, will serve as a call to media leaders and operators in Africa to lend their full support to efforts to turn the tide against the rise of hate speech on the continent. Concerned by the surge of intolerance and hate, the growing level of discrimination and the rise in ethnic and religious fundamentalism, the African Media Initiative (AMI), rallied key partners and stakeholders at a regional workshop held in Rwanda last May to agree on an action plan against hate speech in Africa. AMLF 2014 is a continuation of the commitment of AMI, the parent organization that hosts the annual forum, to ensure that media contributes to a culture of peace and tolerance on the continent.

Speaking during the launch, AMI’s Chief Executive Officer, Eric Chinje, pointed to the role of media leaders “in ensuring that media in Africa rises to the challenge of consolidating democracy and responding to the needs of a continent that aspires to emerge as a global economic player”. Media will play that important role, he said, "if the basic tenets of journalism were recognized and respected by professionals, and balance and fairness in reporting became the norm everywhere." Recognizing the challenges that media in Africa face, he pointed out that AMLF 2014 will offer a set of roadmaps with concrete steps for addressing some of the core challenges faced by media on the continent.

Speaking at the press conference, Jay Naidoo, one of the Co-Chairs of this year’s AMLF, recalled the battles fought and sacrifices endured by many in his and earlier generations of South Africans and underscored the significant role played by international media in the demise of apartheid some two decades ago. He noted that AMLF 2014 will help shed light on an issue that continues to tear apart people, communities and nations and impede the emergence of a prosperous Africa.

Six years after its creation, it will be the first time that Southern Africa plays host to the AMLF. A National Organizing Committee (NOC) was set up and its members were officially presented to the press during the campaign launch: Thebe Ikalafeng, Chair of Brand Africa, Louise Vale, Executive Director of the Association of Independent Publishers, Anton Harber, Professor of Journalism at the University of Wits, Ingrid Louw, CEO of Print and Digital Media South Africa and Mathatha Tsedu, Executive Director of the South African National Editors’ Forum.

Speaking on behalf of the NOC, Mathatha Tsedu said that the time was ripe to address the issue of hate speech, especially in a year when two nations - South Africa and Rwanda were commemorating 20 years since the end of apartheid and the Rwandan genocide, two of the most heinous crimes to have been perpetuated on African soil.

AMI Board member Dele Olojede congratulated the organization’s management team for its choice of this year’s theme and urged the media community to demonstrate its ethical commitment to turning the page on hate speech in Africa.

AMLF is scheduled to take place at the Birchwood Hotel and Conference Centre in Johannesburg.

<![CDATA[Annual Tablet & App Summit Focuses on Best Cases of Mobile News]]>Sat, 26 Jul 2014 13:33:43 GMThttp://www.songhaitech.com/news/annual-tablet-app-summit-focuses-on-best-cases-of-mobile-newsPicture
Tom Grinsted, Group Product Manager for Mobile and Devices at The Guardian, Mario Garcia, CEO and Founder of Garcia Media, and Luke Miller, user experience designer at Yahoo!, are among the first confirmed speakers for the 7th Tablet & App Summit (#TAS14), to be held during the World Publishing Expo in Amsterdam in October.

The Tablet & App Summit, organised by the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA), will present mobile news case studies and offer strategies for news organisations for building successful new mobile news products.

“Should we all be designing the way Facebook, Google, or Apple are just because many of our users are also theirs? To some extent, yes, but it’s helpful to further break down the triggers that are uniquely yours,” said Mr Miller in an upcoming Shaping the Future of News Publishing report.

“Mobile has changed how, when, where, and why we access content,” he said. “If our development process neglects this paradigm shift, then our customers will make their voice heard in the worst way.”

#TAS14 is one of several strategic conferences taking place in Amsterdam on the 14th and 15th of October during the World Publishing Expo, the largest global trade exhibition for the news publishing and media industry. More than 8,000 visitors are expected at the Expo and conferences, which features more than 300 exhibitors and more than 100 speakers.

Full details of all the events can be found at http://www.worldpublishingexpo.com

Other confirmed speakers for the Tablet & App Summit include: Freek Staps, head of the pioneering news app NRCQ for NRC Media in the Netherlands, Marjolein  Stromeier, Head of Mobile for Havas Media Group’s  Mobtext, Pierre de Grandmaison, Head of Business Development at Teads.TV, Alex Breuer, Creative Director at The Guardian, plus more speakers to be announced.

Topics for the Tablet & App Summit include:

- How user experience (UX) design invites and prepares users to take action in the mobile environment
- How some startups and publishers are combatting advertiser underinvestment in mobile news
- How to act truly mobile-first in the newsroom

Full details, including programme, speakers and registration information, can be found at  http://www.wan-ifra.org/tas14

<![CDATA[Sierra Leone's anti-corruption commission partners up with Songhai technologies inc.]]>Fri, 18 Jul 2014 04:43:53 GMThttp://www.songhaitech.com/news/sierra-leones-anti-corruption-commission-partners-up-with-songhai-technologies-incPicture
Houston, Texas, July 18th: The Sierra Leone Anti-Corruption Commission has reached an agreement with creators of the Sierra Leone App to create a real time corruption reporting link within the App for citizens and non-citizens alike within or out of the country to report acts of corruption to the commission directly from their phones.

In a telephone call from Freetown the head of the Commission Mr. Joseph Kamara told the Creator of the App, Founder and CEO of Songhai Technologies Mr. Leslie Koroma that he was pleased to partner with his organization to be able to use current 21st Century technological tools to help in the fight against corruption in the country and that even before the agreement was concluded he had already been touting the upcoming feature of the Link within the App to Civil Society groups within the country.

Mr. Koroma thanked the Commissioner for seeing the value of what technology can do for the Commission and also giving Songhai technologies an opportunity to serve the country. They both agreed that such a move  will significantly help in reducing corruption in Sierra Leone, paving the way for a more transparent and honest society which is a mark of progress for the country.

The Sierra Leone App which was launched in April of 2014 is a multidimensional app with a variety of resources for users to access any and everything Sierra Leone and beyond and it can be downloaded from either the Google Play or Amazon App Store or at www.saloneapp.com  for users of Android and Blackberry phones and for those who use phones or tablets with an iOS Platform (Apple products).  The App will be available in a few weeks.

The ACC Link to report corrupt activities to the Anti Corruption Commission is already up within the App for those who already have it on their phones.

The Link works in a very simple manner;
If a Citizen or Non-Citizen sees any corrupt activity that they want to report; all they have to do is tap on the Anti-Corruption Commission’s link within the App with their fingers which in turn will generate a message box where they will then proceed to type in their report. And if they so wish they can attach one or more pictures as photo evidence to reinforce their report s. After completing a report along with attached pictures the sender should then submit their report by just clicking on the Submit button.

The reporting link and the attachment of photos can be done in real time or you can save sending the report at a later time. The photos can be sent in real time as an act is being committed or at a later time from your phones photo gallery along with a well thought out and written report of what you saw.
Press Release;